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Day Care

Day CareAs the number of two-income households’ increase, more and more people are relying on day care centres to look after their children as they go about their daily tasks. It is easy to find hundreds of day care centres in the city. But it is very important to find an ideal day care centre for your child where he/she can get total care and a right foundation to be a better citizen tomorrow.


  • All learning resources use lead free paint only, are age appropriate, child friendly and of international standards of safety.
  • Safety mats used in all play areas.
  • All students are provided with ID cards.
  • Extreme care is given to school’s infrastructure in order to keep it safe and hygienic, including daily deep cleaning, weekly maintenance schedules, regular replacement of learning resources, on-going upgrade of environment, continuous staff evaluation and training, and more...
  • Clearly implemented standard operating procedures and internal guidelines with regard to sick children, dress code, food and mealtimes, medication, quiet time, weekly feedback to parents.


Available TimeWe are open from 9am to 7pm, from Monday to Friday. You have the flexibility to pick up and drop off your child at different time within the said timing. Exceptions applied in case of unscheduled overtime, traffic jams, and other types of emergencies that can cause parents or guardians to be late.

We have an open door policy for the parents to pay a visit any time of the day and find out how best their child is cared. They are even welcomed to be part of the centre’s community by helping with activities.

Eligibility : Age Above 1 ½ years
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